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To book The District Eight, Please call or email, Stephanie Cabell, the Operations Manager at for more information.


While programs can be customized to suit individual requirements of the presenter, we would like to draw your attention to the following special programs which have been devised with specific themes in mind. 


East Meets West  
The 20th century was a time that saw central Europe at war for the first fifty years and then watched communism shed its gloomy shadow over the next five decades.  As parts of the world drew back so a rich culture faded from view. The Russian musical titans Igor Stravinsky and Sergei Rachmaninov epitomize the musical imprimatur of their culture at a time when freedom of expression was not in vogue. As time passed, both men, under the weight of oppression, found passage to and sanctuary in the United States. By so doing they found both voice and spirit.

  • The Dove DescendingIgor Stravinsky

  • Ave MariaIgor Stravinsky

  • Mass Igor Stravinsky

  • Intermission 

  • VespersSergei Rachmaninoff


American Choral Masterworks
The American choral culture, which found much of its influence in the evolving English choral tradition of the early 20th century, has developed a distinct signature reflecting the American cultural journey of the last hundred years. This program charts the evolution of that tradition from the early masters to the giants of today’s American Choral Tradition, which is admired the world over.

  • AlleluiaRandall Thompson

  • Reincarnations Samuel Barber

  • The Hour GlassIrving Fine

  • Intermission 

  • Three Flower Songs Erik Whitacre

  • Les Chansons De RosesMorten Lauridsen


The Expanse of Eternity
Commemorating the passing life, be it someone of greatness or merely loved ones, has provided a well-spring of musical expression across the centuries. The act of bidding farewell is seldom articulated as an ending but more as a transition, where earthly things have passed, giving way to a new order of the eternal. The Expanse of Eternity gives credence to belief and through belief the glimmer of life perpetual.

  • Song of Athene John Tavener

  • Requiem   Tomas Luis de Victoria

  • Intermission 

  • Still in Remembrance   Jackson Hill

  • Invocation James MacMillan

  • Take Him Earth For CherishingHerbert Howells


The office of the Tenebrae is part of the Roman Catholic Church’s observation of the three days in Holy Week leading up to Easter. Tenebrae takes place at early dawn on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday and is a commentary on the events of Jesus’ capture, trial and crucifixion. In this program, the responsories of Victoria are interpolated amongst the narrative of St. John’s Passion. James McMillan’s setting uses fewer of the responsories texts but gives a 21st century spin on the centuries-long liturgical practice. As Maundy Thursday marks the last supper and provides the genesis of the eucharist, the plaintive , exquisite setting by the 20th century Swiss composer, Frank Martin, ends this beautiful program of Passiontide music.

  • Tenebrae ResponsioriesTomas Luis di Victoria

  • Intermission 

  • Tenebrae Responsories James MacMillan

  • MassFrank Martin


Stabat Mater
This program of penitential music finds its roots in the idea that mankind, in all its vulnerable weakness, finds solace and strength in its creator. An ideal offering for the Lent and Passiontide season, Cathedra creates its own Lenten pilgrimage through the lens of J.S. Bach and the living Scottish composer, James McMillan. Our pilgrimage ends at the foot of the cross and through the eyes of Mary with the sublime setting of the Stabat Mater by Domenico Scarlatti.

  • Komm Jesu Komm J.S. Bach

  • Miserere Mei  James MacMillan

  • Intermission 

  • Jesu Meine Freude  J.S. Bach

  • Stabat Mater Domenico Scarlatti

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